Tin Drum produces Mixed Reality content, a similar experience to what Augmented Reality delivers, but through an emerging class of see-through display devices, blending a uniquely dimensional form with the real world. The audience member dons a headset to view content that is presented seamlessly in their space. Tin Drum performances connect people and stories in ways that go beyond anything that has ever been possible in traditional mediums, enabling richer, deeper experiences.

With storytelling no longer bound by traditional “flat screen” media, Tin Drum is introducing a new way to experience Fujimoto’s iconic interchange of nature and architecture by invoking a collective human experience set to take its audience on a journey of self-exploration.

Inspired in part by the aurora borealis and underwater bioluminescence, Medusa‘s structure changes and evolves based on the movement of its admirers, elevating audiences to become part of a mixed experience. This creates a breakthrough for individuals to follow their own emotional responses, engage in the experience, and develop a sense of agency and intimacy that was not achievable until now.

“Mixed reality is a medium well-suited to a collective experience, which can be instrumental in helping audiences develop deeper, more personal connections to art and performance. A Tin Drum production allows for audience agency, fluidity, curiosity, and presence because the audience is present in the space, sharing and observing their reactions. You cannot achieve that same agency and intimacy when you replace your physical reality with a virtual one,” explains Yoyo Munk, Chief Science Officer of Tin Drum and Director of Medusa.

Medusa is an exploration of translating architectural thinking into an entirely new medium, which we refer to collectively as Mixed Reality,” explains Todd Eckert, co-founder of Tin Drum. “Art and architecture overlap when you remove the barriers architects traditionally have to work around, like gravity and shelter. In a Mixed Reality medium, structures are constructed entirely out of light, so you have more room for dynamic behavior. Our creative concept focused on the role of architecture in creating spaces for sharing narratives and developing culture – which is implicit in the design of churches, marketplaces, and office buildings.”

Medusa allows Sou Fujimoto to share his vision and narrative in a new medium that is still authentic to his ethos, and audiences to engage with art, nature, and architecture in an entirely new way. Their movement and exploration are guided by what they see and hear, which in turn affects how the structure moves and responds. It’s not a puzzle to be solved, but an ongoing conversation with the world around them, helping them to uncover what their particular role is in that space. Tin Drum productions not only push the boundaries of what is possible but dispel the myths and biases of the modern headset experience,” added Munk.

For more information, visit www.tindrum.io and https://www.londondesignfestival.com/.

About Tin Drum
Tin Drum is changing the way the world understands media. Since 2016, this growing collective of artists, designers and technologists has been producing content for wearable augmented/mixed reality devices – a new class of see-through display blending uniquely dimensional form with the real world.  Tin Drum events are developed to be more connective and engaging than anything available through traditional media. The content is without modern precedent, changing the definition of engagement in recorded performance.  For more information, please visit www.tindrum.io

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