The problems with home inspections

Jerome Powell

Reader Question: You have written numerous articles over time about different problems with home inspections. We are near our savings goal and preparing to buy a home. What is your current opinion of home inspections?

Monty’s Answer: Home inspection laws came into existence because home sellers were unaware of the defects, hid or made inadequate repairs to get the best home price. Homebuyers called for regulation to protect themselves from buying homes with such defects. My state defines “defects” in the statutes. Here is a link to the definition ( It may surprise you.

Are home inspections a good idea?

The concept of a home inspection is an excellent idea. A proper home inspection by a trained individual on inspecting a home has several advantages over other options.

Unfortunately, home inspection myths run rampant in real estate, and those misunderstandings can lead to unrealistic expectations and potential miscommunication.

The weaknesses in the industry

Some weaknesses or flaws can be difficult for a home buyer to discover when choosing a home inspector. Like many service providers in the real estate industry, home inspectors are not all created equal. Here is a link to a column on “How to hire a home inspector (”

Over the past 30 years, the inspection industry has evolved. I believe some home inspectors have unwittingly muted the value of a good home inspection to gain a competitive edge. Here are some examples:

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