The Coolest Furniture Right Now Isn’t Straight

For years, interior design’s been dominated by a vaguely Scandinavian-inflected, mid-century modernist aesthetic: simple lines, heavy on the birch, lots of enthusiasm for burnt sienna and teal. It’s all very nice and easy. And, frankly, a little boring. An antidote’s arrived, though—the waviest furniture of right this moment just so happens to literally be wavy.

It’s tough to carbon-date a trend back to its protozoan beginnings, but the first wiggly omen was probably the re-emergence of the ’70s Ultrafragola mirror in the late 2010s. Then, as Brooklyn-based interior designer Alex Kalita remembers, we had Oscar Piccolo’s pleated lamps, which have been impossible to get your hands on. Last year saw the release of Gustaf Westman’s Curvy Mirror. Lately, all these beautiful, expensive designer pieces—the Ultrafragola mirror will run you $10,000—have been spawning (semi-) affordable diffusions by new young brands. And…Urban Outfitters.

Here’s where I’m obliged to offer an obvious caveat: wavy furniture may not be en vogue forever. But if you enjoy the wiggly furniture, like I do, don’t let that hold you back! And don’t feel like you need to go full-tilt, either. Kalita advises starting on a small scale. “I think [curvy, colorful] furniture can be a really nice complement to the more masculine, mid-century look,” she says. “It’s all about balance.”

With that in mind, here are 12 pieces to help you surf the wave.

Dipping a Toe In

Before replacing any of your furniture with wiggity-woggity versions, start with some accessories. The pastel-colored, Flubber-shaped Burke Decor Goober candle has been a big hit since it was designed in 2015. Ferm Living’s Curvature Hook is a twisted coat hanger—and a super simple upgrade to Command hooks. The Sophie Lou Jacobsen Wave Pitcher is probably the best container for your post-pandemic batch cocktails. And Dusen Dusen River Bedding gives you the same sense of calm you might get from looking at actual waves.

Burke Decor Goober candle

ferm LIVING Curvature Hook

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Wave Pitcher

Dusen Dusen River Bedding

Up To Your Head

If you want to shake up your space without going too hard, here are a few pieces you can add in easily. The Wooj Design Wavy Lamp is 3-D printed and looks like a glowing amoeba. Puddle Piece’s custom mirrors take inspiration from its founder’s Miami roots (and some are actually named “amoeba”). The bright Closed Mondays Wave Shelf makes bedside tables obsolete. And the colorful Wiggle Room Side Table is the exact antonym of the phrase “man cave”—in the best way possible.

Puddle Pieces Small Amoeba Mirror

Closed Mondays Wave Shelf

Big Wave Surfing

The best place to start might be the Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair, a fascinating piece of furniture history (initially designed for NASA!) that still hits right today. Or start with the Gustaf Westman Curvy Mirror, which re-ignited a fever for candy-coated wavy furniture. There’s also the Bend Goods Wave Table, which works as a more contemporary spin on Isamu Noguchi’s iconic coffee table. And last but not least, replace all the rugs in your place with beautiful rainbow ones from Pieces Home. The “Desert” colorway is good, but shout out to anyone who commits to the unicorn-blast “Brite.”

Frank Gehry Wiggle Side Chair

Gustaf Westman Curvy Mirror


Gustaf Westman Objects

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