Texas housing market has home inspection business booming

FORT WORTH, Texas — It is no secret that real estate is currently thriving in our state. Businesses associated with real estate such as home inspection companies have also seen the demand for appointments increase very quickly. 

One of those companies is Statewide Home Inspections of North Texas, which is run by the Vega father and son duo. 

“Phone just keeps ringing like maybe 50 to 100 times a day,” said owner Ruben Vega.

That phone is keeping them busy with little time between house inspection appointments all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

“We are super busy. As an inspector, if we get a call today we need to do the inspection the next day or even the same day,” Vega continued. 

Vega says this is a result of the booming real estate market in Texas and the quick turnaround in the option period these days. 

“When you get in contract you get a couple of days, a couple of days to do the inspection – three day, four days – it used to be like five days to 10 days before,” he said.

An electrical outlet is tested in this image from May 2021. (Spectrum News 1/Magaly Ayala)

An electrical outlet is tested in this image from May 2021. (Spectrum News 1/Magaly Ayala)

To keep up with the high demand, Vega invited his son to join the team full time after he spent most of his teen years and into adulthood shadowing him. 

“He’s taught me the ins and outs of home inspections, what to do, what not to do,” said Ruben Max Vega. 

The opportunity is giving him a stable and profitable career path he can enjoy for years to come. 

“People are always gonna want to know what’s wrong with their homes so this field itself, I could see it going a very long way and I don’t see it coming to a shortage any time soon,” Ruben Max Vega continued.  

Growing the family business while continuing to learn from his father who has decades of experience in the home inspection industry.

“He’s the perfect role model; he’s the only role model I could ever ask for,” Ruben Max Vega said of his father.  

Together they work hard to ensure every client gets the most thorough inspection possible as they strive to grow the company.

“You don’t wanna miss anything. You wanna check everything right to provide the right information for them so they can make the right decision,” Ruben Vega said.  

Ruben Vega said that he feels it’s his responsibility to spot home flaws a charmed buyer might miss. 

“If you do an inspection there’s always negotiation – always, so you don’t lose your money,” he said. 

His goal is always the same: keeping more money in the home buyer’s pocket.