Superior Pest Solutions Takes Care of Bugs

Charles Gardiner started Superior Pest Solutions in 1987 and has been serving South Jersey ever since.


Whether renting a vacation home for a getaway with family or just enjoying a new home, or an old one, the last thing anyone wants to see are bugs.

Bugs in the house, bugs on the floors, bugs on the windows, bugs on the countertops or bugs in the bed.

Insects and other pesky creatures are gross, sickening, annoying and even terrifying. When they invade a home or business, they can destroy it or at the very least, take away one’s comfort.

That is where Charles Gardiner comes in.

Born and raised in South Jersey, he knows firsthand that the perks of living in some environments, whether on the beach or in the woods, come with the likelihood of bugs and other unwanted critters.

He opened Superior Pest Solutions back in 1987, and has been going strong ever since, providing pest control with products that are safe for children or pets.

“We are the last locally owned and operated pest control company around,” Gardiner said. “We get five-star ratings from customers because of our immediate response. When they call, we answer.”

Charles Gardiner inspects a home. (Photo courtesy of Superior Pest Solutions)

And the company has a far reach, serving southern New Jersey, including Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland and Gloucester counties.

Superior Pest Solutions takes care of homes, rental properties and businesses.

When it comes to homes and businesses, Gardiner explained that he advises people to sign up for maintenance programs for spring, summer and fall pest control.

“I always tell people it is easier to keep bugs away than to get rid of them,” he noted. “That is why it is so important to have a maintenance program in place.”

Real estate agencies work with his company.

“We have a great foothold here,” Gardiner said of Ocean City property owners. “All of the realtors know us. They rent a lot and when they see bugs, they know they could call us and we will get there within 24 hours, seven days a week.”

He explained that while he advises people to do yearly maintenance programs and prices are competitive, someone calling for the first time will automatically receive a $15 discount off of an initial job.

“The homeowners or the landlords get on the maintenance program, so we work directly with the realtors. Then the realtors call us,” Gardiner pointed out. “The homeowners always say they had the best summer because they didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

Gardiner, who is also a licensed builder and home improvement contractor, said his repeat customers can also count on him for repairs after the bugs are removed.

And when it comes to termite control, there are those occasions that a deck repair or other work will need to be done.

Insects such as these flying ants, can be destructive. (Photo courtesy of Superior Pest Solutions)

Gardiner is currently helping to repair an old home that was riddled with termite damage prior to Superior Pest Solutions coming in to rid the home of them.

While termites are a problem in wooded areas and for some homes built directly on concrete slabs, he explained that the shore towns have some other buggy issues.

“Ants, ants, ants,” he said. “We get calls from people at the shore for ants more than anything else.”

That is when Gardiner, who mostly does the initial inspections of the properties, sends out one of his longtime employees.

“When people call us, day or night, we will take care of their problem,” Gardiner said. “Whether on vacation or in your own home, we will make sure that it is bug free.”

Here are some testimonials that showcase the work of Superior Pest Solutions.

Edward Zatzariny wrote: Fantastic!!! This company has the best customer service!!! There are so many businesses we have dealt with where customer service is a lost art. This is not the case with Superior Pest solutions! They are always on time for scheduled appointments; they are flexible; they provide great methods to remedy a problem. The phone representatives and inspectors are always polite and courteous. In addition, the owner is extremely professional and he gets back to you right away. They will even come out several times to re-inspect and reapply treatments when necessary. Well worth the money!!!

Jessie Grello wrote: I called several places for help but Superior Pest Solutions was the first place that got back to me. I sent an email late at night and they got back to me the next morning! Charles was very helpful and got me scheduled as quickly as possible. Walter, the tech, was the one who came and sprayed for me. He was so nice and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Superior Pest Solutions if you’re looking for quick results and amazing customer service! Thank you guys!

For more information visit or call Superior Pest Solutions at 609-398-7789.