Six Essential Products for a Sparkling Home, According to Cleantok

Just about every niche interest has found a home on TikTok—and cleaning is no exception. Welcome to Cleantok, as it’s affectionately known: a virtual space where content creators and their viewers obsess over the best methods, tricks, tips, and secrets for cleaning even the nastiest of messes. Whether you’re a seasoned neat-freak or a budding hygiene fanatic, here are six products that Cleantok creators swear by.

1. Bar Keepers Friend
First up is the cult favorite Bar Keepers Friend, or BFK as some call it. Around since 1882, the cleaning agent comes in several formulations, but it’s the powdered version that’s especially beloved on TikTok. Simply mix the powder with water to create a slurry, then scrub away. As many Cleantok creators have noted, BKF is particularly handy for getting rid of stubborn rust buildups and cleaning stains on metal surfaces and bathroom tile.

2. The Pink Stuff
This cleaning product is not only functional—it’s also cute. The Pink Stuff is a versatile multipurpose paste that is, well, pink. It can tackle pretty much any household mess, from dirty grout to the long-forgotten glass of oven doors. Even better, this product is known for requiring less elbow grease than other popular cleaning methods.

3. ChomChom Roller
If you have a furry friend at home, this is one item you may need to add to your cart. The innovative ChomChom roller uses electrostatic charge to clean soft surfaces of pet hair, lint and other pesky specks. It’s also reusable, making it far more eco-friendly than disposable adhesive rollers, and it avoids the hassle of setting up the vacuum cleaner.

4. Scrub Daddy
You’ve probably already heard of the Scrub Daddy, but according to Cleanok, its fame-—originating from a stint on Shark Tank and a coveted investment from Lori Greiner—is quite warranted. The smiley sponge is known for its hard, abrasive texture that’s ideal for tackling caked-on messes—but run it under hot water, and the material transforms into a softer texture perfect for wiping down surfaces.

5. Vinegar
You likely already have a bottle of this one sitting in your kitchen cupboard, making it the ideal solution for last-minute cleaning jobs, while being eco-friendly at the same time. TikTokers recommend using plain ol’ white vinegar to clean toilets, polish showers and remove carpet stains.

6. Reusable Swedish Dishcloths
Last but not least are the viral Swedish dishcloths that, according to some TikTokers, can replace between 15 and 17 rolls of paper towels—each. In addition to being incredibly absorbent, these towels can be composted at home, making them one of the most eco-friendly items on the list. They also come in array of fun, adorable patterns and prints, and they can do anything paper towels can, and more, from washing dishes and wiping counters, to cleaning grimy appliances.

Dirty Bathroom
A dirty bathroom in an abandoned council house, United Kingdom. It might take a combination of the named cleaners to get this place in shape.
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