Simple Bedroom Improvements that May Help Your Home Sell Faster

When it comes to carpeting, look for something with a reasonable price tag that still looks full and appealing. Light-colored neutrals are a good option because they generally make the space feel larger.

You’ve likely heard that kitchens and baths sell homes. In fact, a home’s kitchen and primary bathroom are considered “hot spots” — the most closely inspected rooms by buyers. While these rooms are still very important, today’s buyers are checking out another area a bit more than they used to: bedrooms.

Over the past year and a half we’ve been spending much more time at home and bedrooms have become our sanctuaries. They serve as retreats and places we can escape to when the rest of the house gets a bit crazy. Because buyers are taking a second look at these rooms, it’s important that sellers give them a little TLC.

Start with the basics

Beth Graham with Beth Graham Appraisals says sometimes all a bedroom needs is a fresh coat of paint and some new carpeting.