Shop innovative hydroponic gardening systems and bring nature inside

Does the state of the world have you dreaming about growing your own food and indulging your inner Eden?

City dwellers, listen up! You don’t need to move to the country and start a farm to start growing your own produce. Modern hydroponic garden systems are available to help make your self-sufficient goals a reality. From small apartments to indoor farming in homes, there are plenty of options to get you started.

For starters, grab the following great planting systems on sale today. Indoor plants and gardens are proven to reduce stress, improve health and the air quality of your home and, most importantly, promote overall happiness.

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indoor gardening system

Make indoor farming easy with the AEVA: Modern Hydroponic Garden System. This vertical garden has a 16-plant capacity, full-spectrum white LED grow light, and even a mobile app that will give you notifications to remind you to add fertilizer or refill the water reservoir. You can start growing up to 10 pounds of produce per month with this innovative system, which also serves as a beautiful living art piece that improves the air quality of your home.

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The EVE helps you get your indoor garden system going in a smaller space. You’ll start growing pesticide-free food from the comfort of your home with ease thanks to this vertical garden that doesn’t compromise quality or efficiency despite fitting into tiny spaces. You’ll be enjoying the fruits of your minimal labor in no time with this convenient setup.

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Herbs, Cocktail Mix

Want to really impress your guests at your next party? Grow your own herbs for fancy cocktails with the Cocktail Mix. You can grow a variety of herbs in your AEVA and EVE in just 6 weeks with help from this set, with harvests available every week after (with basil harvested every 2 weeks).

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Herbilicious Chef Mix

Amateur and expert chefs, listen up! You can grow your own cilantro and parsley in your AEVA or EVE — the perfect way to spice up many dishes — with the Herblicious Chef kit. These herbs take 6 weeks to harvest, and after the first harvest, you’ll have subsequent harvests every week to keep the delicious dishes rolling.

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Refined Herb Mix

Looking for some more refined herbs? This mix gives you 16 seed pods to grow in your AEVA or EVE that can be used in a wide variety of dishes. You’ll receive 4 oregano, 4 thyme, and 8 chives, and the nutrients that you’ll need to help their growth along. Then you’ll have herbs within 6 weeks, with chives harvesting every week after, and thyme and oregano harvesting every 2 weeks.

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The Classic Caprese Mix

Who doesn’t love a caprese starter? If you’d like to be able to grow most of the ingredients for this classic salad on your own, the Classic Caprese Kit provides 8 spinach and 8 basil seed pods for you to grow self-sufficiently in your AEVA or EVE. You’ll be harvesting fresh ingredients to pair with pizza or pasta in just 6-8 weeks.

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