Samsung announces global expansion of BESPOKE home appliances

Samsung hosted the BESPOKE Home 2021 event earlier today, and much to the public’s expectations, the company announced its global expansion plans for its latest range of home appliances including refrigerators, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, customized appliances for the entire kitchen, and more. The company also announced a few partnerships with artists who have created unique limited-edition refrigerator panel designs for the 2021 lineup.

Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerators are coming to North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS, the Middle East, and select regions across Asia and Africa. In North America, Samsung will release the BESPOKE 4-Door Flex, the 1-Door Column, and the 2-Door Bottom-Mount Freezer. To mark the series’ release in North America, Samsung has created a few unique metal colors specifically for the region: Champagne Rose Steel, Matte Black Steel, and Navy Steel.

Samsung also announced that European customers will have the opportunity to buy the BESPOKE 1-Door and Slim 1-Door refrigerator, as well as the Bottom-Mount Freezer in two sizes.

BESPOKE kitchen appliances are also coming to the USA and Europe

Aside from its 2021 BESPOKE refrigerators, Samsung  confirmed that it will expand the product range in Europe and the USA with BESPOKE microwave ovens, dishwashers, and ranges, all of which have been exquisitely built to match the design, look, and feel of the BESPOKE 2021 refrigerator range.

Samsung’s kitchen appliances will be released in a handful color options: Matte Black Steel, Navy Steel, Champagne Rose Steel, and White Glass.

BESPOKE limited-edition designs are coming to more markets

Samsung is celebrating the launch of the BESPOKE series in new markets with limited-edition designs for its BESPOKE refrigerator panels.

French illustrator Thibaud Hérem has created three unique limited-edition designs for the BESPOKE series depicting the Chateau de Fontainebleau, the London city skyline, and the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. These designs (left) will be available in France, Italy, and Poland.

US-based pop artist Andy Rementer has also created three unique designs (right) for the new refrigerator lineup called Together, City, and Portraits. These colorful panel designs will be available in the USA.

Last but not least, Danish lifestyle brand HAY is collaborating with Samsung and it’s bringing five new exclusive colors to the BESPOKE series including: Cream, Squama, Dusty Blueberry, Artichoke, and Cabbage.

Samsung is expanding its lifestyle product ecosystem in more markets

Samsung was full of surprises at the BESPOKE event today, and it turns out that refrigerators and ovens aren’t the only products that the company’s planning to release in more markets soon.

Samsung’s AirDresser will be released in Europe and the USA in H2 2021, and the company’s air purifier will be available in the USA in Q3.

Meanwhile, the Bespoke Jet and JetBot AI+ will be released in the USA, Europe, CIS, and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2021.