Nationwide furniture shortage hits Sarasota

Every appliance in Debbie Mason’s new house is a KitchenAid – except her refrigerator.

Mason moved into her home May 7, with appliances by KitchenAid outfitting her new house in Sarasota’s Palmer Ranch neighborhood through her builder. But after she was told she was on her own to get a refrigerator, she visited an appliance store on Bee Ridge Road, where she was told that if she wanted a KitchenAid, she would have to wait. 

“The salesperson said, ‘to tell you the truth, I can get you the same brand, but I have people who ordered it in October and November and they still haven’t gotten it.’ This was January or February,” Mason said. 

And it wasn’t just the fridge that she’d have to wait for. Mason waited until late May for a living room hutch ordered in January. She waited three weeks for a technician to pave the area around her pool. And as of June 3, she was still waiting for leather chairs for the living room, which were ordered at least four months earlier.