Make your home more modern with small updates throughout

Light cozy teen room with white bookcases,  grey sofa and blue walls

Choose one project or a bunch to make your space more modern

The thought of doing a huge renovation project can be very overwhelming and quite costly. You don’t need to change everything in your home all at once to make a big impact.

Little by little, you can make updates to your space to make a big impact. Here, we share some easy — and some more complicated — fixes you can make without too much time or effort to spruce up your home.

1. Update the entrance outside: 

A new front door always makes an impact. Installing a more energy-efficient door can help cut costs, too. If a new door and installation aren’t in the budget, opt for painting the door a bright color. Adding new hardware is another improvement to help modernize the entrance. Another quick fix to liven the space is installing a new, more modern light fixture. Two additional small, easy fixes are adding a new outdoor rug and new house numbers.