Know everything about Allegations proved wrong on Founder of Nan Inc

Jerome Powell

The founder of Nan Inc is among the most trustworthy and visionary individuals in the US construction domain. He has delivered hundreds of projects, with his 700-member team clocking the portfolio of around $450 million. It was 1990 when he started alone and today, almost 30 years later, he has created an empire for himself. 

The success and growth of Mr. Nan Chul Shin is unparalleled and many of the competitors are not even close to it. However, this same huge success became a challenge for the Founder of Nan Inc when he was dragged into false allegations of wrongdoing and bribing government officials. 

How did it start?

The founder of Nan Inc kept expanding his business and doing an impeccable job in the US construction domain. However, in 2004, Federal Qui Tan lodged a complaint against him on the behalf of the  United States of America following the 31 U.S.C and 3729 et seq. Under this two former employees of the company made some serious allegations against him including bribing the officials. The two individuals also accused the founder of Nan Inc that he submitted misleading numbers to the government to gain serious monetary advantages. However, when the US government thoroughly investigated the matter, they didn’t find any allegation true and evident. 

The two plaintiffs who first raised allegations against the founder of the company took their lawsuit back when the court proved that they were defaming Mr. Nan Chul Shin. They voluntarily took back their case and also issued a public apology to the founder of the company. 

A public apology for the Founder of Nan Inc

The public apology made by the two plaintiffs is available in the public domain and it’s accessible to everyone. In the apology letter, they mentioned that they sincerely apologize for their wrong doing and they also seek apology from whoever suffered from the event. Both the individuals went ahead and expressed that they are regretful for their actions. As the court didn’t find any evidence against the founder of Nan Inc, the two plaintiffs had no option other than to issue a public apology. 

They also wrote that they got a better understanding of the law and whatever that they’ve done is wrong both legally and morally. It again proves the fact that nothing can beat hard work, persistence, and a strong vision. 

Final thoughts

The founder of Nan Inc got a clean sheet in this allegation and the two individuals are regretful for their actions. The court has carefully evaluated and stated that the founder is not guilty and he is waived off from all the charges that were made against him by the two previous employees. 

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