Indian Kitchen Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Clean Burnt Pans In Just A Few Minutes

We all love experimenting and creating new dishes in our kitchens. But cleaning those utensils after cooking can be a real challenge at times, especially when the pan gets scorched or burnt. Let’s admit – we all have experienced the struggle of removing those notorious food stains and stuck-on leftovers from the utensils. In fact, that’s the last thing we deserve after a great cooking session. Regular dishwashing gels and bars often fail to do the cleaning decorously. Hence, we are in constant search of tips and tricks that can help us do the job seamlessly.

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If you undergo the same struggle, then this article is just for you. We have found some easy hacks that can make your life easier. And the best part is you need some basic food ingredients from your kitchen to do the job. Let’s take a look:

5 Easy Tips To Clean Burnt Pans:

1. Boiling Water:

One of the easiest ways to clean your scorched pan is to go back to the source of the problem. Take water in the same uncleaned pan and boil it well. This helps soften the hard leftover foods stick to the pan. Now scrub with regular dishwashing gel and get a clean and shiny pan in no time.

2. Scrubbing With Salt :

Salt or sodium chloride is known to be a good scrubbing agent. So, sprinkle some salt, along with dishwashing gel, on the pan and scrub off the stains. You may also pair it with some lemon juice or vinegar for better results.

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Salt works as a great scrubbing agent

3. Cleaning With Baking Soda:

Thanks to its non-abrasive properties, baking soda makes for a perfect agent to clean utensils. You can just boil some water and baking soda in the stained pan, rinse it and scrub with some extra baking soda to get a clean pan in just a few minutes.

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4. Ketchup:

Did you know, your favourite tomato ketchup can also help remove those tough stains. Yes, you heard us. All you need to do is coat the stained part with some ketchup and wipe clean after 10-20 minutes.

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5. Boiled lemons:

Lemon has long been credited for removing stains and odours. All you need to do is boil enough lemon in the stained pan until the food particles float to the surface. Then rinse it and clean it with regular dishwashing gel.

Super easy, right? So now, drown your worries and clean the utensils like a pro. Let us know which of these tips worked the best for you.