How a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Transform Your Home

If your kitchen needs a refresh, simply painting the cabinet hardware can provide a brand-new look without much labor or cost involved.

The past year has us all taking a second look at our homes and finding ways to improve them. But renovations don’t always have to have big-budget price tags. One of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements of all is paint. 

If your home needs a little TLC, here are just a few ways you can freshen things up with a coat of paint.

Turn a “negative” into a “positive”

Every home has its quirks, but expensive structural changes don’t have to be the answer. Paint is a simple, inexpensive solution that can help problem areas without tearing down and erecting walls.

If you have rooms that feel cramped or small, changing the wall color can make a world of difference. White, cream, or lighter colors can help make rooms look bigger because of reflected light.