Home improvement guide: 4 tips from a Cypress home organizer

Debbie Bush, owner of Basket & Bin home organizing business based in Cypress, offers tips for those looking to get organized this summer.

The home organization process can be overwhelming. How do you suggest getting started?

Start small. Tackling your entire closet or full pantry can feel like digging out of an avalanche, but organizing a pajama drawer or spice rack is more manageable. Small areas take less time, and the instant gratification you get from an organized space may motivate you to keep going.

What should people keep in mind during the process?

Determine why the clutter is accumulating. For example, some of us have trouble visualizing what’s behind closed doors. Clear, open storage works best for someone like this. However, if visual clutter distracts you, enclosed organizing systems with labeled bins and neatly sorted drawers are great options.

What would you say are the most common mistakes people make when organizing, and how can they be avoided?

It’s tempting to buy a bunch of organizing supplies and shove your stuff in them without considering the right system for you or your family. I start by talking with clients about how they use their space and determining what works and what doesn’t. Then we create a system that flows with the client’s lifestyle. That way, any supplies we purchase help maintain their organizing system instead of competing with it.

Once a space is organized, how do you recommend maintaining it over time?

If you keep only what you really love, use or need, your space is more likely to stay organized. You’ll be tempted to buy less and enjoy what you already have so the clutter is less likely to return.

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