Going over the Journey of Patrick Shin – Nan Inc.’s Owner

Jerome Powell

There has been a lot of talk about Nan Inc. recently, as the construction company has recently won a lawsuit that was brought against it by an ex in-house counsel. The company’s victory has helped it make the headlines once more, along with its founder and owner, Patrick Shin. This certainly shouldn’t be surprising because Nan Inc. is undoubtedly one of Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated firm and its owner is known as a generous philanthropist and businessman. But, how did they get where they are today and why was the lawsuit filed? 

The company was launched by Patrick Shin in 1990, which means that it has been operating for more than thirty years now. This makes it relatively young in the world of construction, but it has achieved a lot during this time. Not many companies have completed more than 3,500 multimillion dollar projects and handled a number of them simultaneously without compromising on quality. Yet, this is exactly what Nan Inc. has done. 

Patrick Shin moved from South Korea where he went by the name Nan Chul Shin, to the United States. He changed his name to fit into the country. As his family was struggling financially, he worked with his brother on the latter’s fishing business in New York. As luck would have it, he ended up winning a football scholarship that enabled him to attend the Bowling Green State University in Hawaii. Here, he did his majors in business administration and then relocated to Hawaii. There, he got a job in a construction firm that he did for two years.

He quit and founded Nan Inc., despite having limited resources. What he lacked in resources, he made up for it in determination. Even with a single employee, he was ready to tackle all projects. His goal was to do everything without compromising in efficiency and quality and this is how Nan Inc. has become a leader in the construction world. Everything you need to know about Nan Inc. owner lawsuit is that they were not based on facts. 

Patrick Shin has not given up on the principles that he established when he first founded his company and they are still followed to this day. They have had other lawsuits as well and have successfully come out of those as well without a mark against their name because the owner and his company believe in quality and transparency. 

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