‘g collection’ by takehomedesign is a set of modern glass-legged furniture

thailand based furniture brand takehomedesign unveiled its new minimal furniture series ‘g collection’. all the pieces are made of transparent glass legs and fuse materials and functionality without compromising on the aesthetic.

g collection 1
all images courtesy of takehomedesign
g marble table v.3 dimension: w160xd80xh75 cm



g collection by takehomedesign aims to include strong and steady loose furniture pieces with a flat-pack structure that is easy to assemble. the collection includes a coffee table, a console, a working table, a tv cabinet, a bar table, a wood bench, and even dining tables. g collection is created with the notion to design modern glass-leg furniture with flat-pack functionality.

g collection 2
g+ table dimension: w160xd60xh75 cm



the combination of glass, wood, and wooden-head knots are the main components of this collection’s character. the designers wanted to give ‘normal’ at-home pieces a bit more edge. the pieces are aesthetically pleasing, functional, long-lasting style and durability, and also care for the earth and blend in with the environment and surroundings.




the designers aim to add meaning and style to the customers that are spending more and more time at home. the g stool for instance has both outdoor and indoor series that can seamlessly connect interior and exterior flow to continue a style of living space. the design thinking is based on resource efficiency and logistics from the start. inspiring and easy to use, the handful of wooden knots are also easy to grab to twist and turn while assembling or disassembling in only a few minutes.

g collection 3
g wood bench

g collection 4
g wood bench detail

g collection 5
g wood bench hinoki for outdoor

g collection 6
g dressing table 

g collection 7
g dressing table side view

g collection 8
g soft stool

g collection 9
g wood working table 

g collection 12
g coffee table dimension: w120xd60xh45 cm



project info:


name: g collection

designer: paphop wongpanich from takehomedesign


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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom