Follow These Cleaning Tips To Wash Your White Shirts So They Always Look Brand New

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As versatile and elegant as they look, white shirts are a little difficult to be taken care of. One small stain and we just go into panic mode. Keeping that pretty and classy white shirt clean and white might seem like a task but these cleaning tips might come handy. From using vinegar as a fabric softener to making sure to separate white shirts, we have got you covered with some of the best and easiest clothing advice to ensure your white shirts are always sparkling.

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How Often To Wash White Shirts

White clothing in general is prone to discoloration and hence the whites should be washed after every wear. Make sure to wash them separately and shouldn’t be mixed with dark shade tones like reds, blues, purple and many more. Bleach is a great way to ensure clean white shirts but there are other tips and techniques also that you can use.

How To Wash Your White Shirts

1. Separate Whites

The first step in keeping your white shirt clean is to sort dirty laundry carefully. Washing white shirts separately will prevent colour bleeding and will also ensure that white shirt is not soaking up any colour transfer from other clothes.

2. Don’t Overload

Overloading the machine with a good amount of clothes might seem easy but it may not give you the cleanest results and hence it is best to not overload the machine.


Avoid overloading the machine

3. Choose The Right Detergent

Select a detergent for white clothes that contains optical brighteners. But don’t think that more detergent will clean the fabric and give you even better results. Excess detergent can remain in the fabric fibers, so it’s best to use only the recommended amount of detergent.

4. Use Warm Water

Use hot water or warm water to wash the fabric, as it helps in removing the body oil and grime that can make it look dull. Don’t scrub too hard on the fabric as it might weaken the quality. Depending on the stain, choose the setting on your machine.

5. Vinegar

If you want to skip the fabric softeners, it’s best to go for vinegar. Fabric softeners can leave residue on white fabrics. Instead, simply just add 1 cup distilled white vinegar to the process to ensure that there is no residue on your white shirt.

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