Dominion Energy South Carolina celebrates 20,000 appliances recycled since 2014

Published on August 16, 2021 by Chris Galford

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Crediting its residential electric customer recycling program, Dominion Energy announced that as of last week, it has successfully recycled 20,000 full-size appliances, a total of more than 2.4 million pounds of metal, plastic, and glass that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

The program has offered a means for customers to dispatch their freezers and refrigerators since 2014 while earning cashback. Those eligible can gain $50 on rebate within six weeks after Dominion picks up their appliances and could save as much as $105 annually on their electric bill as a result. Eligible implies that to-be-recycled appliances are actually working at the time.

“The program is a win-win for our customers and the environment,” Danny Kassis, general manager of strategic partnerships and renewables for Dominion Energy South Carolina, said. “Not only does removing older, less energy-efficient appliances from the grid result in a permanent reduction of energy usage in homes, the collected appliances are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Programs like this are vital to fulfilling Dominion Energy’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

Given the nature of what it’s looking for, the Dominion program has far and away removed the most poundage in metal — 2.14 million pounds of it. It has also helped recycle 260,000 pounds of plastic and 45,000 pounds of glass.

Along the way, Dominion has also partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through its Responsible Appliance Disposal Program. This means a guarantee that Dominion and its recycling efforts are following current best practices and have volunteered to go beyond what federal law requires.