Dandelion Energy Expands Residential Geothermal Service to FLX

Jerome Powell

Residential geothermal technology can help homeowners have cleaner air while saving significantly on efficient heating, air conditioning costs.

Home geothermal systems can even be installed on small residential lots.
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PENN YAN –  Dandelion Energy, the country’s largest residential geothermal company, is launching its home heating and cooling service for Finger Lakes region homeowners. Dandelion makes it simple and affordable for homeowners to enjoy a geothermal system. Geothermal allows homeowners to get off the energy grid, providing the most efficient form of heating and air conditioning available and delivering significant savings over fossil fuel furnaces and inefficient air conditioning. One customer, Carlton Greene from Gasport, who has installed solar panels and just signed on for a Dandelion geothermal system said, “The thing that I’m most excited about is being independent and not having to rely on fossil fuel.”

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