Cleaning products for the home often start with pine oil

Jerome Powell

While pine-based cleaning products aren’t anything new, most people don’t realize they’re among the most functional cleaning products to have on hand, even when it comes to sprucing up your hardest-to-clean items and spaces.

In a recent national survey by AlEn USA, consumers said that bathrooms and kitchens are the hardest areas of the home to clean, and they involve some of their most disliked chores, including mopping floors and cleaning the toilet, tub, oven and stove.

To help you tackle these tough tasks and many other messes, the makers of PINALEN Fresh Pine multipurpose cleaner are sharing facts, cleaning tips and some surprising uses for pine-oil infused cleaners

Pine oil is extracted from pine needles and diluted, making it extremely effective. It delivers a refreshing and lingering natural piney scent, and it cleans and deodorizes a variety of surfaces.

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