Cleaning fanatics ‘disgusted’ over advice to wash bras once a MONTH & dresses ‘only when dirty’, so who’s in the right?

Jerome Powell

WE often learn our best tips and tricks online – but cleaning fanatics can’t quite get past the latest washing advice.

A woman shared a diagram on Facebook which revealed that bras only need to be washed once a month, and the news has left many feeling “disgusted.”

Cleaning fanatics are shocked by this washing advice


Cleaning fanatics are shocked by this washing advice

That’s not all though as the image suggests only washing dresses “when they’re dirty” rather than after every other wear.

Same goes for t-shirts which can be worn up to four times before being washed, according to the image, but it seems most people disagree.

“After wearing for a day everything goes in [the] basket and then gets washed next morning, that’s how I roll, ” one person proclaimed.

Disagreeing with the cleaning advice another said: “Not when you’re going thru menopause and sweat all the time.”

An overwhelming amount of washing fanatics admitted they will only ever wear there bra once before chucking it in the laundry basket, leading many to believe the advice was written by a man.


“Did a man compile this list? ” one person asked.

While another stated: “This must be written by a lazy guy.”

Many admitted that while they don’t necessarily wash their clothes after each wear, they do wash their garments more frequently then suggested in the image.

“It really depends on how long I’m wearing the article everyday,” one said. “T-shirts almost never make it to a second day because they don’t look fresh anymore.

“One month for a bra seems pretty outrageous to me.”

When it comes to bedding though opinions varied drastically with some saying it was once a week for them – while one admitted to changing her sheets every two days.

So where do you stand?

How often do you washing your clothing items?


How often do you washing your clothing items?Credit: Getty

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