Carpet cleaning tips you shouldn’t waste your money on

Carpet cleaning can seem like one of the most difficult jobs in the home, because they are the part of the home that can become dirty the most easily.  Carpets are subject to a lot of dirt and grime that can easily build up as a result of shoes bringing in dirt from outside, pets running around, spillages of food and drink as well as many other things.  This means that when thinking about ways in which to clean your carpet, it can be difficult to know where to begin, and this is where it gets tricky to know what is worth spending on for cleaning carpets and which techniques are a waste of money.  This article will go over which carpet cleaning tips and tricks are not worth your money, and which ones are.

Rental carpet cleaning machines

One very popular technique that people tend to use for deep cleaning their carpets is hiring a rental carpet cleaning machine.  The reason for their popularity is undoubtedly the fact that they are cheaper than hiring an expert to do the job – but this does not mean that they are good value for money.  The reality is that they do not do a good enough job of lifting everything out of your carpet, and therefore you are paying for a service that does not really work.

Expensive carpet shampoos

There are a huge range of carpet cleaning products on the market, ranging from budget to expensive ‘premium’ products.  While there is nothing wrong with the more expensive carpet shampoos out there, they are a lot of money for something that is not even close to the standard of a professional cleaner, and therefore can prove to be a waste of money.

Stain removers

Stain removers can work to get some stains out of our carpet, but more often than not you will be left with some residual stains due to the low quality of stain removers that can be found on the market.  When paying for a professional cleaning of your carpet, a much higher grade of chemical cleaner is used which can effectively lift out stains and leave your carpet properly clean.

What is worth the money?

Something that is always worth the money is hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to have your carpets cleaned properly.  At first glance, this may seem like a huge investment, but the reality is that this is the only way to spend your money wisely and ensure that your carpets are really clean.  At-home remedies will only go so far, and will likely require a lot more money and work in the long run, even meaning that you need to opt for a full carpet replacement much sooner.  Professional cleaning improves the maintenance of the carpet as a whole, making your home as clean as possible.