Architecture and nature: The pictures of the week (week 31)

Jerome Powell

At first glance, the lead picture – our picture of the day from Tuesday – could be a real photo. In fact, however, it is the composition of a photo of the Chiemsee with the arcades in the district town of Traunstein. Joachim Hertwig has found his dream location from this Dream Lake designed in which architecture and nature are in harmony. In his photo titled Cloudy gallery member ‘menning’ puts a backyard in the limelight. The use of a 4 mm fisheye lens that “looks” vertically into the sky gives the image an almost circular symmetry. It feels like looking up at the sky through a pipe. With such wide-angle shots of more than 180 degrees, the photographer has to be careful not to get his feet into the picture.

Barley fields magically attract the photographic eye again and again. Photographer Reiner Weber attributes the special effect of my picture “Barley” mainly to the pale lighting in the late twilight. “In order to get a bit of depth of field, I had to expose a tenth of a second at aperture 11, which is just about possible with a free hand,” he reports. “Nevertheless, this soft cotton wool effect was created in the distant area, which gives the whole thing an atmospheric character. Otherwise, the photo has hardly been post-processed, only the contrast is slightly adjusted to reflect my personal impression on site.”
Canon EOS 550D | 21 mm | ISO 800 | f/11 | 1/11 s | -1EV
(Image: Reiner Weber / Reiner von der Schlei)

The intention to create a surreal image House in the clouds was that Karl Klug wanted to create a place to relax and unwind. He found the ingredients for this in his photo archive. To the fisherman’s hut on Schaalsee bei Zarrentin To stage in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Alexander Kadow used infrared photography. An Olympus camera was used, in which the IR blocking filter in front of the sensor was removed and replaced by an IR-permeable band filter. This causes green leaves to appear almost white.

In his photo barley – the picture of the day from Saturday – shows photographer Reiner Weber von der Schlei the romantic side of agriculture. In the photo from Sunday, gallery member ‘PixelAesthetics’ has one Hooded crow caught in flight – pure action.

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