6 House Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

From cleaning up fur to keeping dogs off furniture, there are plenty of essential tidying tips to help your home stay free from muck, dirt, dust and pet hair.

“Adoring our dogs means embracing the mud and fluff of their rock and roll-over lifestyle, from mucky park rambles to the lost fur that leaves our carpets in desperate need of a dog-friendly vacuum cleaner,” say the Dogs Trust.

Need some help on where to start? Keep reading to find out the cleaning tricks every pet lover should know to keep their home spotless and dirt free…

1. Keep your dog clean

If your dog gets mucky on a long walk, always give them a gentle clean to make sure they are comfortable. Not only will this remove dampness and dirt, but it will protect your home from any grime they may have trodden in. To do this, simply take a damp cloth and wipe down their legs, feet and stomach. During wetter seasons, it’s advisable to give your dog a rinse using warm water — over-washing with shampoo can irritate their coat.

The Dogs Trust add: “Gentle and regular brushing helps keep your dog’s coat healthy and can support them to feel more at ease with being handled, as well as giving you the opportunity to check them for any lumps or bumps. Brushing will also gather up excess dog hair before it gathers on your carpets.”

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2. Deep clean toys in the dishwasher

Clean hard rubber or plastic dog toys in the dishwasher to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Arrange toys on the top rack and run on the full cycle, before allowing the toys to dry throughly. Instead of harsh dishwasher detergents, opt for all-natural vinegar instead. To clean cloth or fabric toys effectively, try popping them in the washing machine.

3. Think about your dog’s bed


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The Dog’s Balls


From wicker baskets to bean beds, there are heaps of luxurious options available. While it might be tempting to choose the most stylish one, consider a bed that is easier to clean more regularly. Hardwearing options, such as waterproof styles, are great for messy pups.

4. Upgrade your vacuum cleaner

Got a moulting dog? Our four-legged friends are important members of the family, but it can be frustrating when their fur sheds onto your carpets, sofa and car. One of the best ways to banish pet hair from your home is to invest in a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, such as the Dyson V11 Absolute, Hoover H-Free 500 and the Miele Triflex HX1 Cat and Dog — all tried and tested by our team.

If you’re getting a new vacuum, make sure to be careful around your pup. “Many dogs can find the vacuum frightening, so it’s best to introduce them to it carefully and gradually. Try building up their confidence around the vacuum one step at a time, using our guide,” the Dogs Trust say.

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5. Have a clean-up kit ready

If you’re adding four paws to your family soon, be prepared to have a clean-up kit ready. From surprise grass stains on carpets to scooping up poop, you never know when you might need to reach for that bag of essentials. Some of the things to have on hand include carpet cleaner, stain remover, air freshener, or special products formulated for cleaning pet urine.

6. Pooch-proof your furniture

“If you decide you’re happy for your dog to relax on your furniture, stock up on a good supply of dog blankets that you can swap in and out whenever necessary,” the Dogs Trust advise. “These will allow you to protect your soft furnishings while helping you to keep your training easy for your four-legged friend to follow.

“As with all things dog-related, it’s best to plan ahead so that you can relax and have fun with your pooch. Follow these simple steps and help your dog live their happiest life, bog-snorkelling their way through every puddle in the park.”

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