4 Home Security Companies Engaging Consumers With Innovative Promotions

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During COVID-19 several home security brands saw an uptick in sales, despite supply chain issues, as consumers undertook home renovation products and stayed at home more. Additionally, the increase in DIY and smart home advances have increased options for consumers in the home security market, from heritage brands like ADT to newer companies like Cove. 

Often consumers don’t start shopping for security systems until they are in a buyer mindset, similar to other home services like lawn care, pest control and home warranties. Home security service purchases typically begin with searches, so it’s important for brands to prioritize high-intent keywords on their websites, driving consumers from search engines to landing pages or websites with clear calls to action. Once on site, promotions, comprehensive content and seamless ecommerce sales entice consumers to make purchasing decisions, as the success of the following four home security brands show.

1. Home Security Company ADT Offers Free Quotes & Gifts With Purchase

In business for more than 146 years, ADT is a brand many consumers associate with home security. The security brand has evolved over time to incorporate new technologies and products with their services, including easy-to-use touch panels and the “ADT Control” mobile app, which allows customers to “remotely access their connected smart devices including lights, locks and thermostats to set up schedules, scenes and geofences for a fully automated connected home experience.” 

ADT also offers free quotes, easily accessed with a lead form on the main page of its website. Plus, in order to move shoppers from browsing to buying, ADT is offering a $100 Visa Reward Card with ADT monitoring purchases and system installations. Promotions and free gifts, especially when they are limited time offers, can help brands create purchase urgency. 

2. Vivint Smart Home Security Promotes Smart System On Website And Via Social Media Content

Vivint Smart Home Security

For many security systems, going “smart” is the way to capture the attention of younger audiences and consumers who want options, from purchase to function, that are as seamless as possible. Vivint Smart Home, founded in 1999, with more than 20 million devices in homes in the U.S and Canada, leverages the ease of app use and voice assistants to promote its multiservice systems. 

Consumers can select from a variety of products, including smart locks, lighting, cameras, thermostats, garage door control, car protection and security sensors. Homeowners can control their home using a single app or by using their voice through Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices,” explains Vivint on its website. Consumers interested in Vivint can opt into calls, text and email for free quotes and more information about Vivint’s products. Customers with questions after installation, or curious shoppers, can turn to the Vivint Instagram channel, where how-to videos are regularly shared, or the Vivint blog which offers articles on Vivint products and general content about home improvement and security.

3. Cove Security Differentiates With Payment Options & DIY Installation For Home Security Systems

Cove Security

The ability to pay a variety of ways has grown in popularity in recent years, with many consumers choosing alternative payment methods (like BNPL) to credit cards. Cove Security takes alternative payments a step further, offering consumers “Pay never or later.” 

Pay never or later allows consumers to pay $0 up front for their equipment (up to $250) and $25 or $35 per month for professional monitoring. If the Cove customer chooses to cancel before 36 months, they must pay for the equipment. If the customer does not cancel within 36 months, the equipment remains free. This payment plan is a win-win for Cove and customers alike. Customers get the benefit of a lower upfront cost, while Cove is able to scale enrollments and promote a unique payment solution. Cove also offers DIY installation, a growing trend in home security and an option many consumers preferred during the pandemic. 

4. Frontpoint Security Offers Direct-To-Consumer Sales With Robust Ecommerce Platform

Statista U.S. households becoming smarter

Many security companies sell their equipment with installation, after a package has been agreed upon. Frontpoint, however, sells directly to consumers (DTC) from its own ecommerce platform, letting shoppers choose what equipment they want, building personalized security packages for their individual needs, with different payment options available. Frontpoint provides all of the directions for installing the systems, offers a chat line for additional questions and includes a 30-day risk-free trial and three-year warranty. DIY smart security like Frontpoint is increasingly popular as consumers want security systems that don’t require appointments or installers.

The popularity of smart security systems is in line with a growing preference for connected homes across the U.S. Brands that promote the benefits and perks of their smart security systems on easy-to-navigate websites and with multichannel digital campaigns can effectively reach consumers when they are looking to make their homes safer.

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