12 Best Pieces of Sex Furniture

Sex is great, but great sex is better. And the secret to great sex is all about creativity and experimentation. If you feel like things are starting to get a little stale—or maybe you just want to try something new—utilizing sex furniture will take your love life from okay to orgasmic.

So uh, what exactly is sex furniture? Your orgasms are glad you asked. It’s basically just furniture that makes sex, well, better.

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Chances are you’ve already propped your hips up with a pillow or leaned over a table before and enjoyed it, which is great. But this stuff is literally built specifically for getting laid.

Some restrain you, some suspend you, some support you, and some can be displayed in your living room without your roommates knowing what that bench is actually used for.

Whether you want a simple, supportive pillow that makes doggie 1000 percent better or a spinning sex swing you can hang from your very own sex dungeon, here’s 12 of the best pieces of sex furniture money can buy:

1. Liberator Ramp and Wedge Combo

Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo

Ramps are one of the most popular types of sex furniture out there, and there’s a reason for that. Ramps help support your body to make pretty much every position way more comfortable. Goodbye, back strain, neck strain, and just plain unsatisfying sex.

The wedge and ramp (yup, you get a two-in-one) can both be used to not only help angle the body for clitoral stimulation during penetration, but to also assist in oral and anal sex as well. Thanks to the dense foam, both pillows are firm-yet-comfortable and the velour covers are removable, washable, and stain-resistant. Whether you’re a kink master or a lover of vanilla sex, all the reviews say the same: This is going to be the best purchase you ever made.

2. Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Bondage Boutique


Love being on top but don’t hate feeling like your knees are going to give out any minute? This sleek boutique sex chair—used for a variety of positions and styles including cowgirl, oral, and anal—will make that a whole lot easier.

The metal frame is covered with squishy, comfortable foam, and four layers of reinforced elastic to help you bounce with ease. And all the reviews rave about how easy it is to stay on top and how much control you have over the movements. The simple design is casual enough to leave out in your bedroom since it kind of looks like a luggage stand, but can easily be folded up and tucked away when you’re not getting frisky.

3. Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Swing

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing

The sex swing might be one of the most iconic types of kinky furniture out there, but don’t let that intimidate you since this easy-to-use device is great for both beginners and pros. A swing lets you experience weightless sex and countless new positions that aren’t really possible otherwise (you know, gravity).

Once you set it up—this one simply hangs from a ceiling hook—you can experiment with everything from basic penetration to full-on bondage. It’s perfect for partners of different heights and sizes since it can easily be adjusted to make any position more comfortable and help eliminate fatigue. Oh, and the unique swivel clip sets this swing apart from others since it allows you to twist and rotate 360 degrees for unlimited options.

4. Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master

Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master

Fetish Fantasy


We’ve already established that wedges are the pieces of sex furniture that aid in penetration, elevate discomfort, and add some extra oomph to your repertoire. But what sets Fetish Fantasy’s Position Master apart is the fact that it’s inflatable. Here, you get the same durability and support as you would with a foam wedge, but the fact that it can be inflated and deflated with ease makes it ideal for those who want to bring it on their travels or are low on storage space at home.

The soft, velvety fabric doesn’t feel like you’re banging on a pool toy, and it has four different handles to grab onto during sex it further elevate how phenomenal it is. And it comes with a free blindfold so like, how could you not get it?

5. Liberator Heart Wedge Pillow

Heart Wedge Pillow

Wild Flower


Say hello to the Liberator Heart Wedge Pillow, aka your bed’s new bestie. The adorable heart design and luxe fabric make it pass as a normal throw pillow, so you don’t have to feel like you need to hide it in your sex drawer. And while it’s cute, it’s actually perfectly contoured to the curves of the body to assist in deeper penetration and provide support for a variety of positions.

The foam insert makes it more durable and gives a better incline than the normal pillows on your bed, and the fact that it has a moisture-proof liner and a cover that can be machine washed makes it easier to care for than any of your other bedroom accessories.

6. Dominix Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair



Calling all royals: Your throne has arrived. Since the sturdy, metal frame of this sex chair comes already pre-assembled, you can start going at it as soon as you take it out of the box. Just choose from the two different seat surfaces for endless play options. The flat, cushion surface is great for restraint or impact play, whereas the 9-inch hole in the other seat allows for all types of oral, anal, and penetrative exploration.

You can easily swap the seats to change up your positions, and when the flat seat is in place, it can easily double as a regular bench, so no embarrassing house tours for you. Made from faux leather that’s durable and simple to clean, Dominix Deluxe’s Sex Position Enhancer Chair is well worth the hype.

7. Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow



Get more use out of your toys with this unique pillow from Liberator. The soft cushion acts as a mount for vibrators, dildos, massage wands, and even suction cup toys. There are multiple pockets and pouches to hold different size toys, and even an inception pocket (a pocket within a pocket) ideal for holding bullet vibrators.

The plush, high-density foam cushion has a ~responsive core~ that easily supports two people—but you can probably squeeze a few more on. It’s also encased in a removable microfiber cover with a water-resistant lining that makes cleaning and upkeep oh-so-simple. Whether you use it for masturbation, penetration, double penetration, or just some hands-free arousal, it’ll give new life to your old toys and old sex routine.

8. Door Jam Sex Sling

Door Jam Sex Sling



      Want a sex swing but hate the idea of installing something in your ceiling? Allow me to introduce you to the next best thing: a sex sling. Literally all you need is a door. No complicated charts, random screws you don’t know what to do with, or time wasted staring at the directions in frustration. You literally just hook the contraption over any sturdy door for easy suspension.

      The padded seat pivots so you can easily adjust to find the perfect angle, and the foot/hand straps give you extra security, support, and leverage. Considering how lightweight and unobtrusive it is, you can easily pack it in your carry-on to turn the heat up on your next trip without any fear that it’ll start buzzing through security.

      9. Liberator Liquid Velvet Sheet and Pillow

      Liquid Velvet Sheet and Pillow Covers Set (King Size)



      Okay, so sheets aren’t technically furniture, but if you’re trying to keep your bed and couch protected, this slinky set from Liberator is hard to pass up. Made from rich, ultra-soft black velvet, this sheet and pillow cover set looks as sexy as it feels.

      It’s large enough to fit a king-size mattress, so whip it out on a night when you want to elevate the seductive vibes. After you play (and sleep, because it’s that comfy TBH), simply throw it in the washer and dryer before you do it all again.

      10. The Fuck Bench

      The Fuck Bench

      Extreme Restraints


      While the other benches on this list could pass as standard pieces of furniture, this one is a *little* more extreme. Made from heavy-duty steel with restraints for the arms, legs, and torso, Christian Grey would eagerly approve of this perch.

      Luckily it’s actually super comfortable thanks to the adjustable knee and elbow pads, as well as the removable headrest. The design makes it easy to access all the sensual areas on the body, and the sturdy frame will make you feel secure, even if you’re not the one in control. Oh, and post-coitus, you’re perfectly situated for a massage.

      11. Liberator Black Label Whirl Sex Wedge

      Black Label Whirl Sex Wedge

      Wild Flower


      Liberator’s Black Label Whirl Sex Wedge is honestly the best multi-purpose pillow around. You’ll keep it on your bed. You’ll bring it on the plane. And after the first use, you’ll wonder how you had sex without it.

      The foam insert adds the perfect amount of support to make stimulation and penetration more comfortable, and you can attach sashes or cuffs to the hidden D-rings if you’re aching to be restrained. The micro velvet cover comes in pink, black, and grey, and can simply be zipped off and tossed in the wash whenever it needs to be freshened up.

      12. Zalo Upko Luxury BDSM 15-Piece Trunk Kit

      Luxury 15-Piece BDSM Trunk Kit

      Zalo Upko
      Organic Loven


      Okay, so I know this price point is hella $$, but just know, the toys included are designer-level impressive. The kit comes with whips, blindfolds, cuffs, a collar, a riding crop, and even a small butt plug. Add your favorite outfits or additional toys in the spacious drawers and lock up the entire kit if you want to keep it a secret.

      The luxurious trunk looks like a trunk when it closed, so you don’t need to stress about suspicious eyes snooping in your sex box. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this kit will wow with its opulent finishes and high-quality goodies.

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